27 Ways to Handle Sales Objections

27 Ways to Handle Sales Objections

Top gun master salespeople use linguistic structure of language to create ‘buying’ relationships with their customers. These scripts are sophisticated and eloquent, and the “word magic” that is contained in these scripts will help you to counter many of the everyday sales objections which you can use immediately in your next sale. Provided, of course, that you learn them by heart!

If you wish to maximise profits from your business or professional practice, learn and master these scripts. They are effective ways to handle any price objection, stall or resistance that you may encounter during the sales process.

These scripts will help you to advance the sale and help you to handle the close in much better ways.

So follow the top gun sales superstars by having high energy levels, a studied sales script which separates you from average salespeople. Superstar salespeople don’t talk like everybody else as they use words and language that are patterns of excellence which trigger receptivity and excite interest.

No matter what your potential customers and clients bring up, have a close look at the following 27 sales scripts. Do memorise them and practice until they become yours. I guarantee that these will make your next sale much easier.

Be prepared to meet up with any sales objections. Handle any objection without fear. You can do it. You will do it. Why? Because you are a sales superstar!

Objection: “Your price is too high!”

1. The price is too high? Wait for their response. Let them explain why.

2. Compared to what specifically?

3. What price did you think it was going to be?

4. Well, you know that our quality is the highest in the industry, which means that you pay much less over the life of the product. Surely that would be a prime consideration?

5. Yes, its high compared to what some other companies are charging. However, we do sell over 1000 units per month, and we have a large clientele. Why do you think that is? Do you think our clients would buy from us if they didn’t see the superior quality and value they receive?

6. So you really feel that our price is too high? Could you please explain that?

7. Well, if you pay too low a price, remember that the sweetness of a low price is quickly forgotten when you have to deal with the daily bitterness of low quality and dissatisfaction when using the product.

8. Well, how high too high is it? Over the life of the product, say over 6 years, and most people get even a longer life cycle out of it, the price difference is only 9 cents per day. Isn’t it worth an extra 9 cents a day to have the very best?

9. Hmmm, have you ever worked out the price of not having high quality? There’s the inconvenience of breakdowns, downtime, phone calls, frustrations, the stress, the headaches, the repair bills. The high quality actually saves you money over the long run. So why not let me place your order today?

10. Well, don’t just look at price. We actually give you a lot more. More service, more expertise, more quality, more security and peace of mind of use. Isn’t that really what you’re interested in?

“I’m not interested in your product/service!”

11. There’s really no reason why you should be interested in our product until I can show you how it can help you make money, increase productivity and save time. Is it okay if I show you how we can do that?

12. May I ask why you’re not interested?

13. Well, I’d be interested in your reasons why. Have I said something that offended you?

14. 25 businesses have purchased this product last month, and they all started by saying that they were not interested. They only bought when they found that it would increase their productivity, and save them money, and cut down on their problems. Can I share with you what they learned?

15. May I show you how companies like yours can save money using our product?

16. Yes, I would not be interested if I were you either as you don’t have the latest information. May I tell you some things about our products so that you can decide if they are really of interest to you or not?

17. You are not interested? Then who should I be talking to in your company that would be interested in saving money and increasing productivity?

18. You are not interested? Then shall I call back next month when things are less busy then for you?

19. Well, I know that you will be interested when you hear about what we have done to help other companies like yours reduce expenses and get more revenue in quicker time.

20. Well, I haven’t yet explained to you fully what the many benefits of our product. I know you will be interested when I do that. What did I neglect to do?

21. That’s alright. We find that most people say that when we first contact them. All we’d like is the courtesy of 8 minutes of your time to explain what we’re offering so that should you be interested in future, you will know what is available from us. May I show you the many benefits of our product?

22. A lot of people say that just to get off the phone. Am I calling at a bad time? If so, I’d be happy to call back at a more convenient time.

23. I know that you will be interested when you hear what we’ve been able to do for our client companies.

“I don’t have the money for this”

24. I can see how you feel about this. Usually, when we say that we don’t have the funds for this, we really mean that we want to hold off until an exceptional opportunity comes along – right? Well, let me share with you – this is one of those exceptional opportunities.

25. I respect what you’re saying. If I could show you at least 3 ways where the product will really pay for itself and show a healthy return-on-investment, would you be interested?

26. Are you really aware of how little it costs per month to own one of these?

27. This product really will not cost you any money, it will make you money! The question of money really boils down to how much you can be making in your future profits with our product!

(c) Ricky Lien

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