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Impacting Leadership in Communication


‘We help Professionals to “Present With Impact”

Our Promise:


“You Will Master Presentations For Influence & Success”

Imagine talking in front of a group.  Your Voice is free, your heart is open, your words spring forth effortlessly with power and gravitas. You captivate your listeners just by being yourself.

With the confidence to be your authentic self, you can speak anywhere, anytime, every time.


Who do we serve?

Professionals, Business owners, Entrepreneurs and Start-ups are often required to make important presentions with regards to their work. These are critical conversations during which slide decks are often used to present information in order to influence their boss, senior management, clients, and peers.

By working with Ricky he will help you to discover your powerful Voice and spoken words to make an unforgettable impact. You will transform exponentially, communicating with persuasion and style to get the outcome you want, while reducing your fear of speaking up, overcoming your nervousness, and making every idea in your presentation count towards getting your objectives.

Imagine becoming a champion on expressing yourself. That’s not a dream. That can be your reality. Through a system of learning of getting your Voice out, improving your stance, enhancing your expressions, making every movement count, embracing earnestness and vitality, showing passion, making the right amount of eye contact, and learning other essential speaking and Voice strategies and tactics, you WILL become the speaker of choice.

Through our tried and proven Presentation System tested in the field for many years, you will find your Voice of Resonance, improve your stance, enhance your expressions, make movement count, embrace earnestness and vitality, show passion, make the right amount of eye contact, and other essential strategies and tactics, you WILL become a champion speaker!

Ask about our Very Special “90 Day Energy Transformation Package” to break through the wall of mediocrity in Voice, Speech & Presentation Skills. And get the results that you truly deserve!


Why is this important to us?

We provide transformation in your performance.

It’s a bold promise, but if you do the work with commitment & focus, you will attain the transformation.

For example, what would transformation in your Communication and Presentation Skills mean to you? Better performance? Clarity and Impact to mesmerise your audience? More sales? More confidence?

We focus on performance management since this is a critical aspect of all organisations and often overlooked.Our guidance will help you to gain expertise on any of the following topics:•

  • Managing Major Change
  • Transitioning to a New Role•Performance Management•Business Communication & Presentations•Conflict Resolution•Team-Building


What is Our Focus?

Our focus is helping you to achieve what you want. You increase your expertise and Mastery. We help you to:

Find Your Voice (The Art of Leadership Communication) … and inspire others to find theirs.

Think On Your Feet ®How to answer tough questions on the spot


About Ricky Lien

Ricky Lien
Director, Executive Coach, Trainer, Speaker

Ricky specialises in transformational coaching for women in leadership on communication skills.

He enters into a dynamic partnership with his coachees. His genius for creating simple yet dynamic steps to change personal and professional development is legendary.

He is a professional speaker, as well as executive coach with Steve Knight Communications providing coaching services at INSEAD, The Business Schools of the World – voted by Financial Times in 2016 as the best business school in the world.

Ricky is an Australian citizen, and in February 2004, he established his business in Singapore, where he spends more of his time.

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