September 2018

September 2018

Why Good Communication Skills are Essential

Good communication skills will build  your fortune in your ability to inspire others to be at their best, and allow you to live a good life.

Enhancing your communication skills allows you to make presentations that impact and inspire others. It gives you the ultimate skills to hold a meeting, take questions, ask questions, attack if need be, give the right response under pressure, identification of issues, use logic and reason, be cogent and cohesive, finding your Voice, problem solution, and dozens of other useful, pragmatic tactics.

It’s not easy at first, but if you persevere and stay focused and concentrate on your sharpening of this vital skill, you will end up being a great orator who moves others to greater conquests and challenges.

I started my in-depth studies in communication skills a long time ago with the Dale Carnegie Institute in Brisbane. I’ll always remember Ian & Elma McKean, the franchisees.

At the start of every weekly lesson, Ian would stand in front of the class and in his booming voice, would announce, “Good Evening Ladies & Gentlemen, welcome to Week 5 of your course!”

From that day onwards, I have never looked back. In the years in-between, I sought out masters in communication, enhancing my Voice and speech skills to further sharpen the one thing that has been a major passion to my success in sales, management and leadership.

You too can follow this path. Learn to inspire self and others. Even if that’s not your lofty goal, you must still learn how to look after yourself in tough conversational situations and present your ideas convincely in front of others.

You must allay your public speaking fears, and push yourself out of your comfort zone. As Arthur Joseph, one of my mentors said, “Don’t be the cork in your own bottle.”

“If you’re chased, you’re prey. But if you confront it, you’re the thing that transcends it… Dr Jordan Peterson

If you want to be a better Speaker, Master Communication, and Confront Your Fears, attend our weekend Communication Master Class.

Be Extraordinary,

Ricky Lien

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