Your Vocal Impact

Ricky 07 Like Bond

How to Develop A Power Voice That Others Pay Attention To!

It takes just 3-5 seconds to make an impression. Research has shown that if you don’t make a good impression on the first time, you will need to make several attempts to recover from the damage your first impression caused. 

A good first impression, however, is more than just being well dressed.What tends to stay in the memories of people after hearing a speaker’s talk, is the essence of it, whether the meaning resonates with their soul, conveyed through the communication and Voice of the speaker.

Your Voice is your identity. Let us help YOU gain the mastery and power of your Voice.

Yet, who thinks about the spoken word? Don’t we just speak? Well, does a singer just sing? Does a ballet dancer just dance? Do the world’s top sports stars just play? The answer is no, they don’t. Their diligent daily practice makes them champions at their game. All champions have rituals or practices that they complete daily without fail to retain that edge over others.

They MASTER that routine to become champions, not just athletes. And when character is also embodied, then Voice Like Bond becomes a truth. Now project your Voice with Power, impact and profitability!

Your Vocal Impact is a practical program. With this course in mastery, you will become an all-engaging high performer who will attract people towards your cause or ideas. Whether it be in leadership, management, sales or any other profession that uses Voice & inter-personal skills to connect with anyone. 

Who should attend?

Speakers, Trainers, Coaches, Consultants & Business Professionals who need to communicate at their highest level for Visibility, Impact & Profitability in their professions. Use your Vocal, every day, everywhere, at work, and in social circumstances.

Ricky Lien, Executive Coach in Voice & Speech, will show you how to gain mastery of your Voice and integrate it in all areas of your life. He will teach you in easy, step-by-step techniques, how to use and to integrate your Voice into all that you do in life to become the Champion that you are.


In Your Vocal Impact … Increase Your Vocal Presence, you will learn:

  • How to create resonance, timbre, space and presence
  • How to integrate mind, body and a leadership Voice
  • How to use words, tone, pauses to influence others
  • How to achieve a bigger range in cadence
  • How to make your Voice and Speech more persuasive
  • How to lower your pitch to be more vibrant
  • How to discover your persona
  • How to find your personal mission
  • Habits and rituals for champions
  • How to release the power of your Voice to influence others
  • How to breathe for maximum power – fuel for the voice
  • How to use words of power … the power of words

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