How to make your words come alive!

How to make your words come alive!

Interview with Amateur Actress, Nicole Cortez Pantoja
I met Nicole in Sydney. She and her husband, Edmundo, are from Chile, South America.

She’s learning how to speak English better, and what struck me was that in spite of a lack of English vocabulary, she was able to express herself through her emotions, hand gestures, facial expressions, and her Vocal variety.

Nicole attended the Artes de la Representacion (Licenciatura) for 5 years and graduated as an artiste and actress.

As a person, Nicole has to play many roles in her life – both professionally and personally. How does she do this?

How does she express in her communication the feelings, emotions, and thoughts that she shares with her audience and one-on-one?

The fuel for her Voice is allowing her breath to propel her words, words that can embrace frustration, anger, hurt, gratitude, and empathy.

Once she has sufficient breath, then she can send the appropriate thought and feeling into the communication exchange – letting her listeners know what she’s feeling and thinking at the moment.

Watch how she demonstrates her vitality, vivacity, and enthusiasm in her speech!

Click on the video below and you will see how extraordinary well she expresses herself.

The epic way to express yourself is being conscious of your personal power, and greater self, to claim the person that you really are, and not to be self-conscious.

And that starts out with noting down who you currently are, and then remaking who you really want to be with a brand new personal vision statement.

If you have any questions or thoughts on this philosophy, do reach out to me.

Be Extraordinary,


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